1. This is Crystal and her son Jayden. As you can see both of them are on point when it comes to their fashion sense. They were so humble and Jayden is just the cutest little boy. Simply beautiful. Only in Brooklyn.

  2. This is Joanie. She was wait for the bus on Fulton St. I told her that I liked her hat and that she’s very pretty, and she said “Oh you’ve made my day.” She was born and raised in Brooklyn. Her mother is from St. Lucia. She told me that in her opinion St. Lucia is one of the most beautiful places she’s ever seen. Simply beautiful. Only in Brooklyn.

  3. This is Yaneyris. She’s a native of the Dominican Republic, who just arrived in the US two months ago. She has a sparkling personality and she’s so full of life. Simply beautiful. Only in Brooklyn.

  4. This is Tzip and her pitbull, Penny. Penny is a rescue. Her previous owners abused her so she’s a little timid but extremely sweet. Her owner and I spoke about the horrible way some humans treat their pets and how it’s up to people like Tzip, people with hearts of gold, to take in animals like Penny and love them. Simply beautiful. Only in Brooklyn.

  5. This is Alexis. She’s does freelance work as a model. She is effortlessly chic with a killer smile. Smart and humble. :) Simply beautiful. Only in Brooklyn

  6. (From left to right)

    This is Dani and Emily. Dani is a real estate agent and Emily is an event producer. These two friends were coming from the gym when I asked them to be in my blog. They are gorgeous as you can see and they were such lovely people to talk to. Simply beautiful. Only in Brooklyn.

  7. (From left to right)

    This is Maeve and Lilli. One look at these two ladies and you can feel the love that emanates from their smiles. They were so full of happiness. We really only talked about love. How to love, how to be love, and the right that people have to love who they want. I’m so happy that I got to meet them. Simply beautiful. Only in Brooklyn.

  8. This is Beverly. She’s a native Brooklynite. She looked so bright and happy with her colors that I had to get her on my blog. We talked about life, Sierra Leone, and the Ebola virus. She was a delight to talk to. Simply beautiful. Only in Brooklyn.

  9. This is Jocelyn. She’s an artist.
    ( www.culturecocoa.com )
    She was showcasing some of her paintings at the Dumbo Art Festival. I was passing by when I saw pieces from her series of paintings called “Hollywood in Hijab”. The paintings depict famous women, who are known for exposing their bodies
    (From left to right: Megan Good, Beyoncè, and Nicki Minaj), covered in Hijabs. Jocelyn was happy to pose for me. She’s standing next to another painting of hers. It’s about all of the black men and boys who were unjustly murdered by people of authority. People who never got a just punishment for their actions. Her work is thought provoking and very, very beautiful. It was a pleasure to meet her. Simply beautiful. Only in Brooklyn.

  10. This is Ara. She’s a photographer. She’s originally from South Korea but she lives in Brooklyn now. She was at the Dumbo Arts Festival taking pictures of people. She took a picture of me and in return I asked if I could take a picture of her. Oh my gosh, she was so cute and friendly. Simply beautiful. Only Brooklyn

  11. This is Ella. She is a senior in the Performing Arts High School of Harlem. She was just sitting by the rocks at Dumbo, when I asked to take her picture. She was so sweet and easy to talk to. When I asked about why she dyed her hair blue, she said “I had to do it for a fashion show but then after I decided to keep it because it looks nice and because I don’t care what people think. I’m going to be who I want to be at the end of day.” Simply beautiful. Only in Brooklyn.

  12. This is Bill. He’s a poet and he lives in Washington heights. He was at the Dumbo Arts Festival, writing poems for people, when I asked to take his picture. He was funny and very sweet. He writes some of the most fantastic poetry I’ve read. It’s quite unique. Simply beautiful. Only in Brooklyn.

  13. (From left to right)

    This is Caitlin and Tanisha. Catlin is a yoga teacher and a social work intern. , Tanisha is a dancer, she’s actually going to be teaching a Congolese dance class in the fall, and social worker. They were both sitting down inside this little Vegetarian cafe on Flatbush when I walked by and saw Tanisha. She looked so gorgeous and I just had to tell her that, so I walked in and “I don’t mean to interrupt what you’re doing, but you are so beautiful.” I asked her to be in my blog and she said yes. I was about to take her picture when I noticed Caitlin and I asked her if she wanted to be in the blog as well because she’s equally gorgeous. We talked about college, life, and this program that Caitlin is involved in that helps teens to be advocates for non violence in their communities. These are two phenomenal friends and I feel blessed that I got to meet them. :) Simply beautiful. Only in Brooklyn.

  14. This is Brittany and the dog she works with, Arnold. Arnold is an explosives canine. Brittany works for a security company that was hired by the Barclay Center. She was doing her rounds with Arnold when I asked to take her picture for the blog. She stopped, told Arnold to sit, and posed. Now unfortunately you might not to be able to see them too clearly because my phone decided to act up, but you can definitely see how lovely Brittany is. Simply beautiful. Only in Brooklyn.

  15. This is Jennifer. She works at Bark and she’s also a student at John Jay College, majoring in criminal justice and minoring in psychology. I was looking for my friend, who also works at Bark, when I met Jennifer. I didn’t get to talk to her for very long but she was down to earth and very sweet. Simply beautiful. Only in Brooklyn.