1. This is Rose and her dog Charlie. She is a teacher and a gorgeous one at that. Cicero once said “What nobler employment, or more valuable to the state, than that of the man who instructs the rising generation” simply beautiful. Only in Brooklyn.

  2. This is Debora and she’s the owner of James.
    ( www.jamesrestaurantny.com )
    She has a great sense of humor and I love how tall she is. We talked about how her great grandfather founded James in the 1800’s and the resturant was in morning side. Picture it. That must have been awesome. Simply beautiful. Only in Brooklyn.

  3. This is Alice. She is bloomingly radiant! She was born in Leningrad, Ussr in 1983. She was super easy to talk to and she likes porridge lol. Simply beautiful. Only in Brooklyn.

  4. This is Safiya. She is an amazing woman. She prepares different flavors of kombucha and Healing Water, which are out of this world. I tasted one of them and it was really good. ( www.radiantalchemy.org ) Her smile will just melt your heart away. Simply beautiful. Only in Brooklyn.

  5. This is Kathy. This native of Colorado is a student at FIT. Our conversation was about the cold weather, tea, lime, family, especially our mothers, and college. She was such an energetic person. I wish her all the best in school and life. Simply beautiful. Only in Brooklyn.

  6. This is Liz and Dawn. When you look at this couple, you can feel the love between them. I saw that from afar and I asked them to be in my blog. They are beautiful inside and out. Simply beautiful. Only in Brooklyn.

  7. (From back to front)

    This is Sadra and Farideh. This Persian couple were some of the most loving and sweetest people I have ever met. Look at them. When I saw that love between them I said to myself “self, go get them for your blog”. Simply beautiful. It’s only in Brooklyn.

  8. This is Olga. This Russian native as you can see is effortlessly chick. Talking to her was a pleasure.

  9. This is Steph and her dog Riggins. Aristotle once said “They who educate children well are more to be honored than they who produce them; for these only give them life, those the art of living well”. She is a teacher and it was really enlightening talking to her. She was walking her dog and yet she still managed to look radiant. Simply beautiful. Only in Brooklyn.

  10. (From left to right)

    This is Vinnie and Juan. Vinnie is from El Salvador and Juan is from Cuba. They were working at Atlantic Yards when I asked to take their picture. They are some of the many, many people who make Brooklyn great. They’re working so hard to support their families. I just want to salute them for being absolutely wonderful human beings. Simply beautiful. Only in Brooklyn.

  11. This is Cristin. She is originally from Maryland but she’s taking pre-college classes at Pratt for the summer. She was one of the most bubbly people I’ve ever met. She was just so full of life, it was a pleasure to meet her. She’s just too cute. Only in Brooklyn.

  12. (From left to right)

    This is Jordan and Lorenzo. Lorenzo is a translator and he’s originally from Italy. Jordan is a baker. We spoke about the Fula people in Sierra Leone, West Africa who are bakers. They do herd cattle, goats, and sheep, but the ones in Freetown are bakers. They were easy to talk to and quite lovely. Simply beautiful. Only in Brooklyn.

  13. This is Genovita. She is a Native of Honduras, a mother of four children, and a Carpet repairer. What a phenomenal woman, just look at her smile. She was walking down the street with so much confident I just knew it had to get her on my blog. Simply beautiful. Only in Brooklyn.

  14. This is Allison. Come Fall she is going to Columbia as an undergraduate student. I ran across the street to where she was walking and ask her to be on my blog. Brains and beauty. She’s a double threat. Simply beautiful. Only in Brooklyn.

  15. (From left to right)

    This is Luke and Tache. They work for Wafels and Dinges in one of the food trucks. I was walking by and I saw them cracking jokes. I thought they looked like they were having so much fun so I asked them to be on my blog. They were asked how they should pose and I said “Whatever feels comfortable” and this is what I got lol. They were down to earth and extremely sweet. Simply beautiful. Only in Brooklyn